Dear Law Aficionados,

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most because that is the one that will help you grow the most” – Caroline Myss

When we pondered upon the idea of bringing out a newsletter there were several questions we kept asking ourselves, ‘how do we stand out amongst all these brilliant legal minds who put down their thoughts on paper so impressively?’ 'Are we good enough to venture into this?’ 'Will people read us?’

Honestly, it is always intimidating to try something novel but that should never stop us from doing it, either you fail big or win big. So we decided to take the leap and we present to you, the first issue of our newsletter – “The Defence Rests”

The team has worked really hard in curating this first issue to make it unique, insightful and a delight to read at the same time. We have something in it for each of you and we hope that you’ll be looking forward to it every week as much as we do.

We promise to keep improving ourselves to make sure that each issue is an absolute page turner and we’d like you aboard on this journey of growing and learning together.

Team LegumVox