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It is an endeavor of the Blog to become the beacon of legal education by encouraging the synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across the academia and research fraternity.
The main theme of the blog is ‘Contemporary Legal Issues’. The Blog showcases contemporary issues and challenges specific to law, with an interdisciplinary approach towards assimilating knowledge.

Submission Guidelines [Blogs]

1. All submissions should be submitted via the "Submit Blog" button located above.
2. Submissions must be between 1300-1500 words.
3. We strive to keep all the articles unique, and so we do not publish articles on the same topic again and again.
4. Make sure that references are in the form of footnotes. The authors must strictly follow the “ILI” Citation method.
5. While referring to any of the materials stated herein, the Author must cite the same in detail in the footnote: Sections of any Statute, Provisions, Statute, Essays, Journals, Books, Website Links, or any other primary or secondary material.
6. The use of tables is strictly prohibited.
7. Submissions must accompany the author’s details.
8. The Submitted articles must be non-plagiarised, non-compliance of which will lead to rejection of the submission. The submissions must be original, unpublished, and an outcome of the author’s own efforts. The plagiarism limit is 12%.
9. Once the second reviewing process is completed, if the articles are selected they will be published on the website. This process can take anywhere between 12-14 days.
10. If you do not get a response from our side within 14 days from the date of submission, you are free to submit the blog to any other organization.
11. The authors by submitting their entries would be deemed to have divested the copyright to LegumVox.
12. However, all moral rights shall remain with the author. Opinions expressed in the blogs are solely the opinion of the author and are in no way representing the opinion of the LegumVox as an organization.
13. Authors who get their blog published will be provided with a Certificate of Publication and other perks.
14. For any queries, contact us at legumblogs[at]gmail.com.

For Articles in Our Journal [International Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues]

1. All submissions should be sent through e-mail to legumvox@gmail.com
2. Submissions must be a softcopy in .docx format.
3. E-mail must contain the subject line 'Article Submission for eBook'
4. All submissions must accompany a cover letter mentioning the author's details, designation, the title of the article, and details of the author's institutional affiliation.
5. Submissions must be between 3000-4000 words (exclusive of footnotes).
6. Citation Style - Bluebook Citation 20th Edition.
7. Line spacing must be 1.5.
8. Submissions must accompany the author's details.
9. The Submitted articles must be non-plagiarised, non-compliance of which will lead to rejection of the submission.
10. If you are expressing your opinion upon some issues in your article, please note that these opinions will be of yours individually and not of the whole organization.
11. Once the reviewing process is completed, we shall reply to you with the feedback.
12. All completion of all the formalities, we will be publishing your article on our website and let you know of the same by e-mail.