Liberalism a part of political science which believes that society should work in accordance with a point keeping in mind that there shall not be violation of individuals rights .rights guaranteed by our constitution such as right to life, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion etc. it means an open minded society and Society without restraints. Although most Liberals would claim that a government is necessary to protect rights, different forms of Liberalism may propose very different policies. Liberalism includes a broad spectrum of political philosophies that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal, and emphasize individual rights and equality of opportunity.
Liberalism has been generally categorized into 2 categories which are:
  1. Classical liberalism    
  2. Economic liberalism   
A political ideology which focuses on individuals freedom. Freedom in the general sense means prosperity as everyone is morally equal and rational in the eyes of law so there shall be no discrimination and these are the basically two principals on which the ideology of liberalism basically work . an ideology which makes sure that even if the government is imposing certain limitations then those limitation must have to be reasonable and if they aren’t then those limitations are to be justified by the government in general sense they are not unjust. this is what we are being guaranteed by our Indian constitution, justification with regards to the right to information act(2005)  as government is liable to answer each and every question which an individual thinks not to be justified not only the government is liable to do so but this act is applicable on individuals as well.
An ideology which makes sure that everyone is free at different spheres of his/her life whether it is in accordance to chose a religion , as to whom he/ she should marry , freedom of trade and practices etc as because he/she posses these rights and there shall not be transgression of individuals rights
Now let us categories types of liberalism:

Classical Liberalism 
It means everyone is equal morally ,a natural law where right to property is the most important freedom an individual must be guaranteed besides right to life and personal liberty . right to property is something which is not to be encroached up by any political party and if it so then there must have to be an justifiable annotation for that, but there are certain reasonable restrictions too which can be promulgated up by the government. ‘‘State is an necessary evil and night watchman too” .and being practical if we take aspect of necessary evil positively then it is important too as it is only way by which government can make sure that there shall not be any type of miss happening in the society. As we know what laissez-faire means it means policy of non interference. on economic status of an individual basically classical liberalism is about freedom with regards to economic interventions
Economic Liberalism 
It makes sure that government must make measures to bolster freedom of citizens and it can only exist when individuals are healthy, Educated, good economic condition what basically I suggest as to bring an end to poverty and as we perceive to revamp the social status  of the society there are rights such as right to equality, right to education, right to health etc are to be given more priority. And the government is taking various measures to make sure that there shall be no discrimination based on gender, sex, caste, race, untouchability is to be abolished from the society , equal employment opportunities are to be provided among individuals. And inclusively the whole concept of social liberalism is based on the welfare of the society.
Liberalism in India
As what I have stated earlier that liberalism focuses on the primacy of the individual in all spheres of human life-political, economic, and social. Now let us discuss various aspects of liberalism in India, as we know India being a democratic country with a gigantic constitution .A constitution which makes sure that there shall not be any type of astasia in the society, society without discrimination, we are having fundamental rights which are the back bone of our constitution like freedom of speech and expression, freedom to posses whatsoever religion we are willing to opt for, right to equality, right to education and much more.
Liberalism means freedom and liberty freedom in different spheres of life from the very particular day when we have attended up our consenting age which may not be the same for both boys and girls. Democracy the most positive form of government is it a myth?
And let me clear one thing that why am I accentuating on these terms, now coming on to the point India a well prosperous nation, a nation growing rapidly but still we are lacking behind in some spheres of life the sarcasm being that. Indian constitution guarantees freedom to each and every individual we are having guidelines on speedy trials Hussainara khatoon v. state of Bihar  but still in India there are more than 5 lakhs of under trial prisoners inside the prison without any charges this is what our constitution means of freedom? Indian judiciary is also lacking somewhere is this what our government meant from speedy trials? We are being guaranteed right to equality then why sabrimala case is with us? Why mob lynching? Why there are cases in relation to that of political nepotism? Our constitution guarantees equal economic status to each and every individual in the society then why rich are becoming more richer and poor are becoming poorer? Right to education as we know literacy in general sense education is the only approach by which we can change mindsets of different types of peoples who are living with a narrow mind in our society and the only way by which we can change our nation’s economic status as well as it can make an hike on our nations GDP as well. But still India’s education system is not performing well why it is so? I am not criticizing the way in which our government operates but trying to put forward those loopholes because of which we are lacking somewhere behind. And the biggest one being corruption. “Corruption is like a termite, it spreads slowly, reaches everywhere but it can be beaten with timely injections.”  Means regular inspection by the governmental bodies, and government has to make sure that this termite has to be treated as soon as possible.
No one can be perfect but can try to be perfect and this is what our government has to make sure that individuals are to be guaranteed there liberty as this is what basically liberalism means and liberals believe, and one facet to be kept eye upon that is equals are ought to be treated equally whereas unequal’s unequally and there shall be no discrimination in the society

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